The long dress look has been a popular style among the women in gulf especially during the month of Ramadan. This trend inspired the Loodyana Ramadan 2017 collection, showcasing a number of delicate jalabiyas, which were designed in neutral colors such as gray, white and shades of brown.

Loodyana, a popular name in the city, spoke about her latest collection, as she shares with Vogue Arabia: “The palaces of aristocratic families in Italy inspired me, so I decided to add that essence in this collection, and this is seen in the designs depicted through the use of drapes and the neutral colors.

Abeer started her journey as a designer by first designing abaya and steadily honed her talent by studying sewing in Switzerland and learning design arts in Jeddah. She then expanded her field of creativity to include evening dresses. She presented her first collection in 2004, and in 2009 she took a bold step in redesigning the Arab shemagh for the Saudi men. Today, she is presenting Ramadan 2017 collection at Harvey Nichols boutique in Kuwait and Dress Me in Qatar.

Source: Vogue