The blessed month of Ramadan is around the corner, and it is only natural that we find everyone preparing to welcome it in various ways, whether through psychological and physical conditioning for long hours of fasting, or by buying different food items that the Ramadan table would not be complete without, or even by organizing a closet or adding a few new pieces to the collection of ‘Ramadan wearables’ according to the need of the weather.

The beautiful thing about Ramadan is that it is the month of piety and the month of family and social gatherings as well. Everyone loves to meet family and friends for Iftar or during suhoor parties that last until dawn.

To dress with elegance and sophistication on different occasions, we bring to you the luxurious collection of colorful abayas from Loodyana.


Arabic Abaya with a royal touch

Loodyana’s new Ramadan designs this year are one of our favorite collections so far.

From the first look at the collection, you will notice that it personifies elegance, as it glows in soft, delicate pastel tones, and with its clean, smooth tailoring that gives it a distinctive royal touch.

These designs were inspired by the elegance of the princesses of the Greeks and the Romans, focusing on dense fabric and tasteful use of motifs and embroidery executed in a high-quality manner at the shoulders and chest, sometimes reaching the waist.

The collars are varied, but they are all high and discreet, the most beautiful of which is the round collar with a large flared hem decorated with glittering sequins in silver, and the collar comes with horizontal crystal embroideries hanging down the neck from the backside.

Remarkably, in this collection, we do not see a clear focus on the waist, but rather streamlined designs made from innovative cuts with embroidery depending on the density of the details added to the soft fabric.

As for the most beautiful look in this collection, it is undoubtedly the straight abaya in sky blue, topped by a long royal cap with a collar of a pale pink color and elegant embroidery at the shoulders.