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Loodyana’s Guide to London

One of the fashion capitals we most like to visit, as often as possible is London.

You can be anyone and do anything in this vibrant city. From shops to parks – there is nothing missing.

And despite loving to explore new places, every time we go we also have our favourite spots that we look forward to re-visiting.

Here they are…

1. Relax at the Athenaeum Hotel, Piccadilly

The Athenaeum is the best hotel for the location. Situated on the main Picadilly street, it is central without the hustle and bustle of central London. Convenient to get to anywhere by foot or transport, opposite Green Park and a short walk away from the best shops and museums and numerous other tourist attractions.

The stylish interiors of the one and only Athenaeum Hotel

If this wasn’t enough of a reason to stay there, it is a great reason to pop in and relax, catch your breath, take a break. Because the hotel itself is wonderful.

The interior is spectacular and truly inspirational for creatives like us. The colours, the artefacts and wall art is often a source of ideas and colour combinations for us.


2. Breakfast at Hide

Unforgettable stairs that dreams are made of

There are many great places one can have breakfast in, but we love starting the day at the Hide restaurant.

Aside from the delicious food, the interior is spectacular. The central staircase has to be seen to be believed. The asymmetrical twisty structure is fluid, yet edgy and strong. We draw a lot of inspiration for our collections from just sitting and admiring it.

Just like the stairs, our dresses are often asymmetrical and while they are impossibly feminine, there is an undeniable strength to the silhouettes we create.


3. Lunch at the Aubaine, Selfridges

Selfridges has always been a favourite shopping destination. It is the best place to discover new designers and check the fashion pulse.

But there is also another reason for going to this wonderful place. It is the Aubaine restaurant and its flower interior.

Regardless of the season, this restaurant transports you to the most wonderful summer setting. It is so dreamy that no one wants to leave. Getting a table is sometimes a mission but well worth the wait.

Aubaine restaurant interior


4. Coffee at Harrods

From one shopping mecca to another. Harrods is a must-see destination to those new to the city.

For us, it is a favourite place for coffee. After all, not many cafés make the effort to surprise you with a simple coffee.

Our branded coffee


5. Brown’s Hotel – stay in the heart of London

If you are in London for a short time, there is nothing better than staying at the heart of it and being a walking distance to shopping, galleries and great restaurants.

Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair. A favourite place to stay.

One of our favourite places to stay in is the Browns Hotel in Mayfair. This is not just any hotel – it is, in fact, an institution. So much so that the hotel has its own historian. It is here that Rudyard Kipling finished The Jungle Book and where the first-ever telephone call in London was made from. Also, Agatha Christie loved staying here so much that one of her books is allegedly based on it.