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Loodyana’s Guide to Paris

Paris is the city of love. The birthplace of couture and world-class fashion capital. Paris is famous for great food and for the guilty pleasure of watching the world go by. As often as we can, we visit this wonderful city and here is what we love to do and how and where we find inspiration.

1. Louvre forever…

Almost as soon as we arrive we always rush to the most wonderful museum in the whole wide world. Le Louvre Museum is so vast, you can never see all of it and you can easily get lost in it. One of the things we enjoy seeing the most of is the wonderful ceilings so many of the halls and salons display. More than anything they inspire us with their colours and opulent decorations.

One of the many opulent ceilings we can’t take our eyes away from.

Our tip – start anywhere and get lost. While trying to find your way out, you’ll also discover so much unexpected beauty, artefacts and unexpected small details sprinkled everywhere.  

2. Indulge at Le Meurice hotel

If you want to indulge in luxe style, enjoy great interiors, feast on delicious food and have it all imbibed with a dose of French history – Le Meurice hotel is the place to be.

Hotel Le Meurice, Paris

This hotel epitomises French hospitality. Their breakfast is a must-have not only because the food is great, but for the joy one experiences by the service alone. Last but not least the interiors are as always for us a big inspiration and deciding factor in our choice of places to stay.

3. The one and only Rue St Honoré

A brief walk from the Musee du Louvre is the famous shopping Rue St Honoré. Here you can find all the luxury brands, as well as concept boutiques and small independent shops.
This street symbolises the creative frenzy that is the soul of the French capital.
Acclaimed by fashion professionals worldwide, visited by tourists and locals alike, this street is at the vibrating heart of Paris, where many fashionistas go to find inspiration.

4. Watch the world go by at George V

The historic hotel is situated by the Champs-Elysées and is surrounded by both mainstream megastores and haute-couture fashion boutiques.

We love visiting the hotel and its famous chocolate and pastry shop.

Our tip: Take your time and watch the world go by here. Let life stop and indulge in the pleasures Paris provides.