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SASH Perfumes – Beautiful, strong, fragrant.

They say every person must have some character from the meaning of their name.

Our younger sister’s name is Shatha and it means “Beautiful strong fragrant”.

Ever since she was a child, she loved collecting kid’s perfumes. She grew up mixing and matching different scents to get a unique scent.

Friends and family always asked, “You smell so good. What are you wearing?”

She couldn’t give them an answer, other than that she just mixed different perfumes together.

Later on, she discovered the world of perfumery around 2010. With the help of her bachelor degree in biochemistry, it was easy for her to dig deeper into the beautiful world of aroma.

Sash “Beautiful strong fragrant”.

Shatha became passionate about creating a long-lasting perfume with high-quality ingredients.

Travelling around the world, she visited perfume manufacturers and sourced the finest oils so she can create the most beautiful scent. there were many trials and tribulations before she was ready to reveal to the world what her passion her led her to.

Finally, in 2011, she proudly announced the launch of her perfume brand -SASH.


She was confident that her perfumes will be loved by anyone that smells them. She wanted her customers to receive compliments just like she did as a child – “You smell good! What are you wearing?”

With the support of our family, friends and amazing customers she is still passionate about creating new blends and unforgettable scents. 2020 began with her launch of the new perfume scent “Rain”.

On her website or at her boutique, you’ll find a range of scents from Musky to Oud – Flowery to Leather, all with unexpected twists.

Christian Dior once said, “Make me a fragrance that smells like love”. This is what inspires our talented sister, just as much as it inspires us, to continue designing beautiful dresses that bring and bestow love.

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