Abeer Saleh, the creative mind behind the Saudi fashion brand Loodyana has showcased luxurious jalabiyas and modest sartorial designs in her previous collections. Established in 2001, Loodyana is a pioneering brand of modest fashion in the gulf. It was created in response to the choices and needs of the women in gulf; offering a collection of evening dresses with delicate designs, modern embroidery, and simple feminine designs.


In Loodyana, we are keen to meet the needs of women belonging to different age groups and provide suitable attire for all occasions.

In her conversation with Vogue Arabia, Abeer Saleh shares the brand’s journey. “We started designing abayas and Jalabiyas and then moved on to designing evening dresses in recent years. Our designs were met with a welcoming response by the women in the gulf region” says Abeer.


The Loodyana brand launched its wedding dress designs in the spring of 2018 at exclusive stores of Rubaiyat, which were tailored to suit the look and style of the Saudi women, such as the open shoulder and the back gown that runs along with the dress. In addition to Manual embroidery that decorates the designs, continues designer Abeer, ’We take into account the accuracy in choosing fabrics and the implementation of the details of the designs, to provide what befits the taste of women in the Gulf. We have also chosen soft neutral colors because they complement the skin tones in the Middle East.’


This was not the first collaboration of the young Saudi designer with the luxury department store chain. Loodyana showcased its collection in Ramadan 2017 at the Rubaiyat stores exclusively, and Lug revealed future plans after the success of this cooperation, saying: “We aspire to expand our niche to providing wedding dresses soon.”