This year Ramadan falls under circumstances very different from the past years. Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayers, and introspection.  In order to make its long fasting days enjoyable and comfortable, Yasmina has chosen for you a distinguished group of Loodyana Kaftans from which you can choose what suits best for you during Ramadan even in 24-hour curfew conditions.

Yasmina will show you the most beautiful pieces from the ‘Loodyana’ collection for the year 2020, which will captivate you with its designs that are comfortable, modern, and appropriate for all occasions.

**Modest and Attractive Designs**

Brand ‘Loodyana’ founded in 2001 focuses on designs that are a mix of modest and modern outfits. ‘Loodyana’ is expanding its reach from Saudi Arabia to the other Gulf countries such as Dubai and Kuwait. ‘Loodiana’ designs were displayed in Harvey Nichols, Quartets, and on the Ounass website. ‘Loodyana designs are distinguished by their contemporary feminine touch suitable for all occasions like weddings and festivals. This year’s ‘Loodyana collection is influenced by a blend of colors and embroideries inspired by the picturesque nature specifically the ginkgo tree in the forests against seasonal changes. ‘Loodyana’ design team tried to reflect the image of a strong, steadfast, positive, and bright woman. The team matched up this image with what is popular in the current season satisfying varying customers’ tastes and also giving it the Ramadan look.

**”Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction”**

The season of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr is one of the most important seasons in which kaftans and gowns are popular feminine apparel.  Since Ramadan/Eid Al-Fitr is falling in summer, this year we have relied on ‘Loodyana’ group’s cold and light materials. Crepe fabric adds a touch of luxury with “pleasant” stories with embroidered designs on chest or sleeves. The designs are very suitable for family dinner meets or even for formal occasions by adding accessories and jewelry. You can also watch the Saudi designer collections of gowns in the past Ramadan season.

**Beautiful Flawless Designs**

‘Loodyana’ always puts great emphasis on developing trust with its customers by satisfying their needs in a timely manner maintaining high quality. This has resulted in generating great demand world over, especially from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. and just pictures displayed on their site and their Instagram account Loodyana gained the trust and approval of the clients, who found the pieces beautiful in nature.

**Corona Precautions**

In view of the current Corona pandemic across the world, our main focus is to strictly follow Covid-19 guidelines/protocols. As per the guidelines, all required tools are sterilized by steam and the packaging is fully automated. We encourage our esteemed customers to book their orders online at ‘Loodyana’ website We closely coordinate with shipping companies for the fastest delivery. In case there are restrictions related to specific delivery time due to curfew, we use delivery companies licensed by the Saudi Communications Authority for delivery during the curfew period.

Finally, ‘Loodyana’ wishes everyone a very blessed Ramadan, good health, wellbeing, and safety. and because Ramadan is at the door, let me know I have met Ramadan invitations with the Saudi etiquette expert, Saudi Princess Al-Sayegh.